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what makes each one better?
Published on June 23, 2004 By wnx_decoy In Blogging
First up in my comparison is Justice League.

The old one's had more characters and stayed with their true powers. I guess you could say the same for Super Friends and those other older groups like that.

Where as, the new Justice League only has Flash, Superman, WonderWoman, GreenLantern (bad choice for Green Lantern too), Martian Man Hunter (horrible depiction of him), Hawk Girl (why couldn't they keep Hawk Man?), and Batman (I can't really complain much except to say that he's not the leader for some reason in the new Justice league).

Next up is Teen Titans.

The old one's had an awesome Cyborg and they looked serious when they faught.

The new Teen Titans are a joke. Cyborg is a clumbsy, stuborn, muscle bound, dork. Of course, Robin is the leader, like he deserves. The dynamic duo are always the leaders. It's an unwritten rule.

Now, Scooby-Doo.

The old one's were made when the clothes they wore were in style and the people actually acted like them some what. Scooby and Shaggy did all the work even though they didn't on "purpose".

Now the clothes are out of style, momentarily, and people don't really act like that anymore. Now Freddy's plans actually work every now and then.

How about we move to The Transformers? I'm gonna include Beast Wars just because it's in line with the Transformers idea. It's just that Optimus Prime is an ape.

The old Transformers... well, they kicked butt because the idea was ahead of it's time.

The new Transformers... well, they still kick butt because they keep pushing the Autobots (good guys) and Desepticons (bad guys) further into the future the further we move into it.

Transformers is just a great show and looks like it will be for a long time to come.

Speed Racer is up next.

Basically, this is the old anime that started america's addiction, IMO. With the cool action scenes and choppy voice acting, you just have to love the Japanese for bringing this annoying, but fun, cartoon to us.

The new version isn't much more smooth or action packed but the gadgets are a bit more "modernized".

How about some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

I know we all at least loved the old one. Why? Because it's just simply briliant! Whoever came up with the idea was a geneous. I think that's enough said.

The new stuff though... that's a different story. The new TMNT is too drawn back because of the violence issues we have in the United States. They just can't kick butt as hard as before. It's a pitty we had to ruin such a great thing...

He-Man is my last comparison for now.

The old He-Man was so cool because a small kid gains super human powers just because he has a sword and "The power of Greyskull!" Kinda always reminded me of Captain Marvel, but anyways... He would always go in and kick some butt with his brute strength and just about always succeeded in doing so.

The new He-Man kept most of that in mind but then tried to make it even better by making the artwork just simply great.

I'm just gonna talk about some "new" shows that are also "old" one's now.

First, is Power Rangers.

The show started out so well too. The big dynosaur robots that combined to kick big butt. What's better than an acted out form of Voltron? I'll tell you... a lot of things once you suck the idea dry in less than 2 years...

Now, we have the Ren and Stimpy type cartoons...

These things are so weird, maybe that's why they're so loved. But all I can really say is that I never really like these kind of cartoons because they didn't belong in my christian boy mind. I was still too fragile when these shows started coming out.

How about some anime? I don't if I shoudl call it new or old because most of it's new for us and old for Japan.

Gundam (put your ending to the name in as you like. I don't have time to write them all down)

Gundam is so sweet! Just think about it. It's a huge war fought in unbelievably agile giant robotic suits. These things each have unique strengths and weeknesses and each one is so awesome to watch do it's thing.

Dragon Ball, Z, GT

Good times. What is this cartoon's claim to fame, you say? It's, nearly, unarguably the greatest action cartoon ever. TMNT may be close, but that's only in America.

Sailor Moon

I might as well include these schoolgirl hotties. Someone mentioned them in my last article so why not make it easy on this person this time?

Sailor Moon just seems like too much a girlie attempt to be kick butt, that turned into a -dare I say it- porn cartoon. If only you knew what I have to sort through to find a good site about anime cartoons...

Alright, I think I've taken up enough time now. If you want me to voice my opinion on another cartoon you feel deserves to be mentioned, among these quality cartoons, then go right ahead. I'm just gonna warn you. If I don't like it I'm not going to be to nice to you for bringing it up. I'm a geek, and you don't fool around with a geek's interests. People have been killed for less. LOL

Capt. over and out!

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on Jun 24, 2004
girlie attempt to be kick butt, that turned into a -dare I say it- porn cartoon

Isn't that what a lot of anime cartoons become...that's also why it became so popular...

Anyway, you're right when most of the cartoons were better when they were older, now the US has to edit everything because of violence and a few choice words...and they always make everything cute and cuddly and not too much know people do bleed from time to time...and also most shows end up being a commercial for the next toy/food/etc. product the companies are trying to plug....oh, least all of them haven't gone to hell, huh?

Good writing...(I guess you're in a cartoon writing streak right now... ),
on Jun 24, 2004
Crud...turned into a double post....(DELETE THIS)

on Jun 24, 2004
How about She-Ra? I remember watching Scooby-Doo all the time when I was kid. It was one of my favorite shows.
on Jun 24, 2004
How about She-Ra? I remember watching Scooby-Doo all the time when I was kid. It was one of my favorite shows.
on Jun 24, 2004
'Scrappy-Doo', the mutant pug claiming to be Scooby's nephew, is a crime against humanity.
But maybe I'm the only person who feels that strongly about cartoons.
on Jun 24, 2004
Odd you brought up Gundam. Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) was initially a failed series that got its episode alottment cut by its advertisor after some bad ratings. It's on re-run and the compilation that it became the institution that it is. Last year, Bandai and Sunrise decided to re-work the original story structure for modern animation with additional elements from the sequels. Quite a few ole time Gundam fans were rather put off by the candy colored mobile suit (all mecha were rendered by computer). But Gundam SEED is a hit in Japan, and currently on air in Cartoon Network. (The original Gundam was made by an undiagnosed depressant nicknamed "Kill 'em All" Tomino, the new remake is no less bloody).
on Jun 24, 2004
Porn cartoon? Sailor Moon? Please, please explain further.

Also, I never knew Teen Titans went through a change. They are very new anyway. And Cyborg looks thhe same he always did!

Answers, I need answers.
on Jun 24, 2004
Samurai Pizza Cats.

Nuff said.

on Jun 24, 2004
Flaming_Rose, I think the OP is referring to one of the later Sailor Moon series that was edited by the US distributors because the two older Sailor Senshi were lesbians. You can get the uncut, subtitled version from Pioneer (now Geneon).

I don't watch tv, but I *do* watch anime on my PC (mostly in Japanese...I use it for listening comprehension).

I remember seeing a lot of what we now know to be anime--Astro Boy, Tobor the 8th Man, Gigantor, Speed Racer--when I was a kid. I didn't watch much tv during the Transformer/Macross/Voltron days, though. I do like mecha (e.g. Patlabor, Martian Successor Nadesico, Neon Genesis Evangelion) shows, but will watch others. There's a lot of good stuff out there: Read or Die (the original OVA), Excel Saga, Cowboy Bebop, GTO, lots of good stuff out there...
on Jun 24, 2004
I thought that Battle of the Planets was excellent.
on Jun 24, 2004
Have you not seen the old Teen Titans? It was just like the other old super hero legion cartoons. Trust me, it's a whole lot different.

And, yes, Shaun, I do like writing about cartoons.

HIdden paw~ dude, you have no idea how much I love my cartoons. There's very few I won't watch. Cartoons were my life before I got trapped by the charm of the female body.

Capt. over and out!
on Jun 25, 2004
Hey Q003! Can you explain to me some of those last shows? The only one that I knew right off the bat was Cowboy Beebop.

Samurai Pizza Cats

Actually, I would really like more said. What is this Samurai Pizza Cats you speak of?

Thanks for giving us the history of Gundam, BigFire. I honestly did not know some of those things. I knew Gundam was more of a flop in Japan, except for Seed, but most of the other stuff was new to me.

Capt. over and out!
on Jun 25, 2004
I liked the old Jonny Quest. The bad guy always got killed and not just "hauled away" somewhere like they do on cartoons today. More evidence of the pussification of America.
on Jun 25, 2004
Remaking a cartoon is usually a bad idea. I can't think of any cartoon that was better in its "new and improved" form.

Isn't that what a lot of anime cartoons become...that's also why it became so popular...

That's so true. Really, cartoons such as DBZ (which doesn't consist of school girls with panty shots and demons) are in the minority.

However, I liked Sailor Moon. It was good, until after Sailor Moon S, when the writers were fired because Sailor Moon S was so violent that parents complained about it, and this is Japan we're talking about!
on Jun 25, 2004
Porn cartoon? Sailor Moon? Please, please explain further.

In the final episode of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon fights completely naked the entire time. Of course, they don't draw the naughty parts, but she's still nakie!

I liked the old Jonny Quest. The bad guy always got killed and not just "hauled away" somewhere like they do on cartoons today. More evidence of the pussification of America.

I liked the old one and I liked the movie they made, but I didn't like the new one. It seemed to be based too much on X-Files and ID4, always involving aliens upset with how the world is being polluted or something stupid.