My aggressive journey to say a few words. (AKA) I'll be saying stuff that won't matter to many of you but it'll ALL mean something to me.
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April 11, 2006 by wnx_decoy
uhh... Alright so I'm looking around JU and I notice that people are using avatars. umm... Is that something you have to pay for or is there a free way for me to get one too?

Capt. over and out!
October 26, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Alright guys try and figure this out. Nobody give it away for a week or so. It’s a “riddle” I guess. I don’t really know what else to call it though.

Ok… so, I have the hat. I give it to Brad. Brad gives it to dharmagrl. Dharmagrl gives it to Gem City Joe. Gem City Joe gives it to apdelong. Apdelong gives it to suspected. Who has the hat?

After a few replies… if I feel like there has been enough activity to figure it out I’ll let anyone know that doesn’t already get it… Then if you want mo...
September 25, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Have you ever been sitting around and then out of nowhere felt bad because you expected something to happen that didn't? Yeah, well I've had to deal with that feeling quite often lately. My French/English teacher can't teach and she's too stupid to honestly TEACH us anything about english. A couple of my 'friends' aren't acting like themselves lately. And of course, I expected someone to care about the fact that I didn't really sit and eat with anybody at lunch today.

My French teacher, who h...
June 23, 2004 by wnx_decoy
First up in my comparison is Justice League.

The old one's had more characters and stayed with their true powers. I guess you could say the same for Super Friends and those other older groups like that.

Where as, the new Justice League only has Flash, Superman, WonderWoman, GreenLantern (bad choice for Green Lantern too), Martian Man Hunter (horrible depiction of him), Hawk Girl (why couldn't they keep Hawk Man?), and Batman (I can't really complain much except to say that he's not the le...
May 11, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Christianity has been fed to me all of my life. Ideas of love, honesty, caring, and many other 'good' qualities.

My mom is an active memeber of my church and a well developed, christian woman. She had the role of running around, trying to wake everyone up in our family. No matter how much I hated getting up at the time I still loved and respected my mom for doing that so 'religiously'.

My dad, on the other hand, grew up without God and probably would still be that way if it wasn't for mar...
May 10, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Just sitting here, I began to think. 'Why does my free time always cost me some much?' Could it be the lack of attention I give to the rest of my time, that I don't realize I've left my free time zone? Maybe it has something to do with excessive free time?

If it was a matter of not giving up my free time, then that would explain why it seems like I never get things done that I want to. I always say it's because I don't care, but I'm now convinced that it is something more than that. I think ...
May 5, 2004 by wnx_decoy
How often do you find yourself wanting to eat something but then suddenly think, "Where on earth has this place been?" I'm sure we don't ALL do that but I have a strange feeling that there's plenty of us around here who have done that.

I may not be putting the same things in my mouth but I have a strange feeling some of my friends here have done that kind of thing.

Or maybe you were going to flush the toilet in the mall and suddenly it hits you, hundreds of people have touched that same l...
May 4, 2004 by wnx_decoy
What's wrong with me lately? I can't come up with something humorous to save my life, lately. My school is having spitrit this week and today was hat day. Well, all that I could think of was a toilet paper turban. Come on... that's horrible. I should be better than that by now. I mean, I was even one of the kids with the imaginary friend, for crying out loud! I should have a lot better idea than that by now.

Don't you think that someone who can be amused for over 12 hours with just going bac...
April 25, 2004 by wnx_decoy
I just have one quick question and then a bunch of pointless filler...

Why are we all insane on here? I just noticed the great amount of insanity flowing from my computer while reading some articles, mostly from an article of Dharma's and an article of MadPoet's. Dharma's about losers and Mad's about his confessions. Those two just happened to stick out the most to me, partly because they are the only two I've read in the last 24 hours, but they're not the only one's here. Truse me, we're no...
April 19, 2004 by wnx_decoy
I've come to notice that you guys around here either don't know much about me because you don't want to or you just simply haven't been told enough about me. Well, if it's because you don't want to know than this is going to be like watching Power Rangers: Whatever They Come Up With Next! Of course, the way it's going now, there's only going to be one ranger to start with and then he/she is going to have to fight his/her way to find the others.

Well, that opening paragraph was kinda scar...
April 15, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Alright. I didn't think you guys would really like this one. Maybe if you would read my first poem I posted on JoeUser. It is called "One Moment In The Game Of Life". I, honestly, like it more. It started my 'temporary fix' on poetry. Anyways, I guess I might as well try out this one. I have a feeling this one won't be as good because I wrote it on an "off" day.

"Being Me"

When you walk the streets what do you see?
Well, you won't see me.

When you go to the park what do you see?
April 8, 2004 by wnx_decoy
The adventures of Capt. Cornbread started up because crazy llama 96 and I were bored so we started making a story about some spaceship capt. who decided to go to Uranus on a family vacation, tip thing. Well, if you read the fist adventure he takes over the gas filled planet. Now, some of the replies we got for the story said that length was not an issue and that we should make a story for all of the planets. Well, I don't want to ruin the story but we go to a rather large planet next and might a...
March 28, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Alright, this is another one for Brad... where is the nearest place I can look to see who all was here before I started my blog in November (i think that's when I started)? If there isn't anywhere that I can look is there any way that YOU could tell me who got here before I came? Or could I just get some people who are here to tell me they were here before me. I keep feeling like I was one of the first but...

I don't know, can someone help me out here? I'd really apreciate it.

March 22, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Alright, here's the deal. I posted an article. It started out with zero and then I just checked it and it is 17 points with no responses. Nothing like that. Did that come from an insightful or something like that. Or do I get points as soon as a post when Brad reads it?
Someone please help me out here!!!!

Capt. over and out! ™
March 15, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Hello friends! I was just think when I was reading some bloggs about what everyone ses each other as.
Like myself, I see Muggaz as a thug from New York who has all these street smarts but tries to hide it for us.
I think GemCityJoe would look like a golfer. He seems like the kind of person who would like to golf on his days off.
Of course we all know what image sir Peter Maxwell portrays so I'm not going to get into that one.
Who else should I describe? How about if you te...