My aggressive journey to say a few words. (AKA) I'll be saying stuff that won't matter to many of you but it'll ALL mean something to me.
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October 13, 2009 by wnx_decoy
Perhaps my problem with blogging is that it just adds one more thing I want to do each day as if I don't have enough on my plate.

*Take my sister to school (typically from 6:45am-8am)

*School (typically from 9am-1pm)

*Work-out (typically from 1:45pm-3pm)

*Work (typically from 4pm-10:30pm)


.comic books (usually pick them up sometime on Wed/Thurs if I get a chance. otherwise I'll get them on Sat/Sun

.local newspaper (pick it up on Monday on my way to clas...
April 11, 2006 by wnx_decoy
So, I've been off to college for almost my first whole year now. I've dreaded about 4/5 of it and it's not getting much better. A lot of that has to do with me just not having and good study habits and the few that I try to use end up breaking after one use. My mom moved into a nice house in central Ohio. She seems to like it there a lot too. My little sister (Kristen) is still the coolest person I know. She's been found trying to be like her older brother while he's not around.

Anyways, that...
May 3, 2004 by wnx_decoy
I would like to introduce you to my little home. As you walk in you will see tow things... First, the inside of my house. Second, anything that isn't outside of my house (becuase you're inside the house now). As you look around please make sure you DON'T NOT touch stuff.

To your right is my living room. That is probably where you will find Sir Dad (Peter). He's rich, but won't share any of his money with the rest of us. He is at least allowing me to "work" for him. Dad tends to just invite r...
April 7, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Hello! in case any of you thought this was going to be a french speaking blog it isn't. Sorry. This was basically just something I decided to through together since I bored.
I was just going to re-introduce myself in case some of my "friends' or really just about anyone, was foggy on who I am.

My real name... Brandon

A little about the captain... Well, I was born in Panama City Beach, FL. I guess my body didn't get the memo that I should be darker than I am. I'm one of the most untan peop...
January 28, 2004 by wnx_decoy
This site has been created by Captain Cornbread. Do as you please just remember you have to go by the nerd restrictions here. Carry on citizens.
capt. over and out!
December 22, 2003 by wnx_decoy
Hello, and welcome. Allow me to forwarn you. I am not of the average brain wave lengths. I tend towards bringing forward odd stories (true stories) for people to hear (or should I say read). At times you may find yourself thinking what is this kid thinking but then if you know why would I be here? If I know what I was thinking then why would I need to "voice" it. I talk mindlessly on a regular basis. All I am saying is that I am not responsible for you getting lost in what I am saying.
I am Cap...