My aggressive journey to say a few words. (AKA) I'll be saying stuff that won't matter to many of you but it'll ALL mean something to me.
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September 2, 2005 by wnx_decoy
The title really has nothing to do with the article... I was really just trying to figure out what kind of article would get the most referals... I've seen that homosexual articles recieve quite a few, the search for blogs seems pretty vast for me, if you're looking for porn or something along those lines you might find something with hot (???), and site... nough said.

Now, once I post this I'll figure out soon enough what kind of referals I'd get with this, but are the referals just based on...
July 12, 2005 by wnx_decoy
Do people in other parts of the world actually get excited about being 18, because I've been this way a few days now and I'm still not exactly feeling any urges (except from my mom) to do anything different than what I have been doing the past 16 years that I've know how to get what I want and then go to the restroom when it's time. I could go buy some cigarettes now if I wanted but I'm not thinking that it would be a wise choice for someone my age (that was joke... don't worry about laughing I ...
April 26, 2005 by wnx_decoy
Ok, now I'm going to rant for a little bit, so if you don't want to read a rant stop now, otherwise, enjoy.

I realized recently that just because you've been doing something for years doesn't mean you're going to be an expert at it or even anymore experienced at all.

I was sitting in Jazz band, a couple days ago and I found out, by an odd chain of events, that one of the other seniors didn't know what an 8th note looked like. (For those of you who have a legitimate reason for not knowing ...
April 21, 2005 by wnx_decoy
I was just thinking. I realized that I can be a jerk and that a lot of the time I don't get the impression that people EVER take me seriously enough. Or if they do, they think I'm just mad.

I've decided to try and change that, because I don't want to be someone in trouble and not have anyone believe that I'd need help. It must be great to just lean on others when something comes up, but I typically am leaned on even though I have trouble standing on my own two feet at times.

Am I supposed...
February 21, 2005 by wnx_decoy
Boy, wouldn't it be "interesting" to find yourself in that little bathroom in the back of a charter bus, just as the bus comes to an abrupt stop? You'd go falling to the floor with your pants down around your ankles seeing as how these things have just enough room for a small child to use them, you're chancing of landing face-down in the middle of the aisle would seem pretty good.

Now, if you want to prevent that I'm sure you could always just prop your feet up on the wall, grab ahold of the ...
January 28, 2005 by wnx_decoy
I just wrote an article about this song but thought it might be unfair to not give you some lyrics to look at...

I Can Only Imagine
by MercyMe

Album : Almost There

I can only imagine what it will be like
When i walk by your side
I can only imagine what my eyes will see
When your face is before me
I can only imagine
I can only imagine

Surrounded by your glory
What will my heart feel?
Will i dance for you Jesus?
Or in awe of you be still?
Will I stand in your pres...
January 28, 2005 by wnx_decoy
I've been thinking... I'm sure some of us know the song, "I Can Only Imagine". I just realized that is probably one of my favorite songs to sing when I'm happy or when I want to feel happier. Jus think about it. Really, just sit and think about it.

Will you sing praises to him? Will you stand quiet? Either way, you'll be that way forever because he's so grand. You'll either be so happy you won't have words for it for eternity or you'll want to sing for him forever.

Will you dance for joy t...
January 21, 2005 by wnx_decoy
I don't know why I thought of putting this up but I guess I just felt like writting something... anything. This is probably going to be confusing too, because I'm a little tired and I feel almost mooshy.

I was sitting in the movie theater and a thought popped into my head... what will I be doing in a year? I didn't think of much but things to do with Sarah, so hopefully I don't have to erase all of my plans later on. I don't think it will be a problem so I don't mind saying this all that much...
January 19, 2005 by wnx_decoy
Didn't GemCityJoe say that he was going to make the JoeUser Blog Awards an annual event last year? What happened to that? I want to see how things have changed since then that way. It's a fun thing to be a part of and I'm really disappointed that we haven't had it yet.

Would anyone else be able to host the awards if GCJ can't get the job done? I don't have the computer knowledge to pull something like this off, but I'd really be very gratefull if someone would bring the awards back for this ...
January 6, 2005 by wnx_decoy
You know, it's funny when people call you weird for doing something like hugging a water fountain or licking a spark plug. What if I said that that's perfectly normal because I do it too? Could it THEN be called normal? I'm here to say yes it could.

Let's say you're walking through amish country wearing a poncho because it's raining. One of them might think you're strange because it looks like you're wearing a trashbag in the rain. Living in the city (and remember, we're imagining this stuff)...
December 15, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Of course, if I wanted to look like someone I'm not I'd say that it don't care how many points I have. That obviously, isn't what I'm going to be saying in this article though.

Basically, I just want to know why my last article, "Are Athletes Paid Too Much?", shows that I have over 800 points off of it but yet I haven't recieved a single one of those points.

I even made sure to post it to my site this time because I've done this before when I'd just make an article in the forum section. ...
December 1, 2004 by wnx_decoy
I'm not exactly sure how would be best to do this but I thought, even though it's a bit late for it now, that I would give out a few thanks to the three JUs that I think have made the biggest/best impression on me so far.

To start with, I'd like to thank GCJ for being there to push me on to write what I like writing about when I first came here about this time in 2002. My first few article that actually got replies almost always had an uplifting comment from gemcityjoe. Thank you for your sup...
November 30, 2004 by wnx_decoy
I hate some of the t.v. I watch sometimes. I find myself watching things I really shouldn't. Just yesterday, I found that I was watching SpongeBobSquarepants and there was a part where he's playing hay in a needle stack with the squirel.

Then it hit me that of all the "stupid" cartoons I've watched this is one of the very few that I can't stand. How can I honestly enjoy watching a show that seems to promote homosexuality. Seriously, if you don't see it you haven't watched the show for more t...
November 22, 2004 by wnx_decoy
We all have secrets, but as I was reading an article of notsosmellysarah's I realized that I don't know much about most of you. All I really know is what name you go by on here.

So, I've decided to try and find SOMETHING out about you all. This is my plan...

I tell you a secret and then you reply with a little known secret about youself. If you're not comfortable with that maybe you could just tell something interesting about yourself.

Alright, here's mine:

When I was in 4th grade I ...
November 16, 2004 by wnx_decoy
Alright. I think it's safe for me to write this from my experience. These lessons took a while to learn but they seem to have paid off pretty well.

The first thing you have to do is find another human being that is still breathing. This is usually a pretty easy step to follow. Now, make sure this person isn't already a friend or family member because they wouldn't be NEW friends, right? Good job.

So, you have your person? Good! Now start a conversation with your person. Eventually they wil...