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Published on April 12, 2006 By wnx_decoy In Console Games
Everytime I bring up the next generation consoles everyone seems to look at the Revolution as a back seat console. What would cause anyone to think that the Nintendo is the difficult choice? It's the first really innovative console in quite some time now. It doesn't have quite the power or visuals that the XBox360 and PS3 have but it's going to be about 100 dollars cheaper. The Nintendo Revolution is 2x as powerful as the GameCube and IMO should be more than enough to keep the games "pretty" enough.

Actually, from the information, that I've read from Nintendo, there are a lot of 3rd parties wanting to try their hands at the Revolution's new gaming concept. I don't know how most people feel about that but if I'm not mistaken that means that Nintendo is likely to pull out a lot of console specific games. More games coming from growing companies is what I think the console world needs.

I still don't know the exact specs. for the Revolution but what we know will atleast be in the Revolution's grasp is the ability to obtain any nintendo game released before it and the "old" GameCube controllers will be useable. There's been some spectators saying that you may be able to buy some sort of adaptor for the Revolution's controller to make it more like a GameCube controller.

The only reason why I would even consider getting the PS3 or XBox360 before the Nintendo Revolution is if either one of them made an effort to create less expensive games for the console without losing a profit or quality in the games... They both have high amounts of power and graphics but that's not something I'm worried about right now because the power and graphics just makes them that much more about show than gameplay and storyline.

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