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Published on April 19, 2006 By wnx_decoy In Life Journals
This is pathetic. I've dropped down to 7 hours of classes each day and I still might not pass them all.

I had my trombone lesson today and my trombone instructor, Ms. Tinnell, basically told me that if I don't do exceptionally well in my juries that I may fail the class. That would give me one more F. I'm currently sitting at a C in my Algebra class looking to raise it up to an A- or better. And then there's Music Literature which I'm most likely failing now because I bombed the last exam. I think that if I can raise my grade in my lesson, do well in juries, ace the next Music Lit. exam, and keep up the work in Algebra that I should be able to pull off a B average in those classes.

My only problem is that Music Theory is the only class that I absolutely can not pass anymore. So, here's what I think I can get now...

Music Theory---------------0 (3 credit hours)
Music Literature-----------2 (2 credit hours)
College Algebra-----------4 (3 credit hours)
Trombone Lesson--------3 (1 credit hour)
Concert Band---------------3.5 (1 credit hour)

Now, if that's the case then does that mean that I'd gain my gpa for each class times the hours divided by the total number of hours?

If so, I believe that would give me... 22/10= 2.2

A 2.2 right? Is that what I"ll have after it's all said and done?

I hope that it's atleast that high.

Well, other than being reminded of my current grade predicament this has been just another day... sort of.

Capt. over and out!

on Sep 06, 2007
I miss you. I'm sorry that life isn't everything we thought it would be. Even if things are so differnet that we can't imagine how they were ever's still life. Find me.